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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
save to disk and send to device change the actual title. Go to preferences->saving to disk and tell calibre to not save the opf file. Then when you re-import, calibre will read the metadata from the epub and you will see the title has changed.
OK. That didn't work. Same thing happened. I have the "normal" books in my Library. I went to Preferences->Saving to Disk and unchecked the opf file option. Then I selected the four books in the series and did "Save to Disk." They output to the folder I selected (a temp folder). There was one folder with the authors name, then four folders for the four books. I removed the four books from the Library. Then I went to "add books" and re-added the four books. But each of those only had the normal title. When I selected them and chose "Send to Device", they showed up with the normal title. When I imported from Aldiko I had the same problem.

I'm running the latest version of both Calibre and Aldiko.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. You explained it very well but apparently what I'm doing is wrong. Any additional help would be most appreciated.

Thanks again.
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