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Stop adding features not required for this kind of device

I am owner of PB903, got the device when it started to be available on EU market. I have selected this device because of good hardware design and features, and quite rich set of READER functionalities. Additional functionality (taking notes, background player, simple browser, games) was nice, but not KEY feature.
Unfortunately, the firmware development is not going where expected. Instead of fixing application bugs and improving the functionality expected from this kind of device (it is primary EBOOK READER), there is a tendency to reach Adroid or PC tablet functionalities. The result is, that with every firmware update, some embedded applications - instead of being fixed and improved - simply dissappear, new applications come with new bugs. The worst is, that with every new and unimportant feature, like 2.1.x introduced way of "multitasking", the device is slower and slower. Some operations are several times slower, the device is sometimes very unresponsive or freezing, and sometimes it is difficult to understand to the state of the device.
What I would like is to have backend functionality, speed and responsivity available with 2.0.4 / 2.0.6 firmware, but with all bugs fixed and all application preset to react to feature keys and sensor information in "intuitive" and "predictable" way. I want feature rich and usable READER, not another tablet or smartphone with READER option.

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