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Originally Posted by ciarpame View Post
I registered just to say Thank you! Your calibre recipe is great and it's almost the only way to get consistent results. I tried some other online services (kindle4rss, crofflr) but they seems unreliable to me.

Just one thing is missing from your recipe: images support.
I know you are working on it (, just asking if there are news.

In my opinion images are far more important than the old-new order of articles if this is the blocking issue. Or at least you could make two different script for different user tastes. If your script with images support and new-old order is already working I offer to beta-test it (at the moment my Pocket reading list counts 150 articles so it will be a meaningful test).

This Pocket lack of kindle support is driving me crazy and I'm seriously thinking about moving to Readability which offers native Kindles support (but it lacks tagging and Android app seems poor).
What is holding me is mostly your very promising work based on Calibre: again, thank you very much.

Thank you so much for the kind words! What has been holding me up is more Pocket's developer support than anything else. They have been holding onto a new version of the api (v3) that has been "coming soon" since the change to pocket. Supposedly this new v3 API gives all the nifty features from Pocket vs readitlater. I've asked on several different occasions to be on the exclusive v3 advance list but it seems I'm wait listed with everyone else. I've been slightly apathetic about attempting to pull in new features when they are going to change it all "soon" anyways.

The API script is more a traditional beta than a google style beta. I'd offer it but then it would eat your reading list and I would feel bad! (I actually have three pocket accounts for testing this and that)

Since I am going to be working on the master tree anyways I'll pull up my API branch, clean it up and post it for you to try and see if you like it. Someone els also posted a API based version elsewhere on the forums you might want to try.
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