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Calibre>Kindle Touch conversion problems pdf to mobi

Firstly, I am a supreme newbie with Calibre.

But that brings me to the Secondly part. Once I get the book converted and transferred to my Kindle Touch, I notice that my book is filled with errors. A lot of it is added punctuation where there shouldn't be any; randomly placed commas, periods, quotation marks, etc. And some words are partially or fully converted to symbols instead of letters, like the word "I'll" sometimes comes out as I'// or /'//. A couple of times I've seen an entire word that was converted to symbols like is commonly done with curse words; like &(*%&^, for example.

Then some letters are converted to 2 letters or vice versa like an n becomes ri (or the opposite) and things like that. Misspellings are also common. I'm reading the Wheel of Time series and consistently the name of a female character whose name was Erian was spelled Brian. Also the name of a race of people is Aiel and it was sometimes spelled correctly and many times was spelled Aid instead.

And the last issue I have that happens EVERY chapter is the symbol/image and initial capital at the beginning of chapters is placed at the top of an otherwise empty page that precedes the first page of the chapter. It's like it's picked up from the first chapter page and moved to that empty page at the end of the previous chapter.

Since I read fantasy books, I expect some conversion issues on odd names, but some of these odd names, like Moghedien, are converted correctly every time while others are a toss-up.

Is there a way I could tweak the settings in Calibre to help it convert my pdf books more accurately to mobi?
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