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Originally Posted by vlad59 View Post
I have a password protected COPS for my own use. I simply used HTTP basic auth over SSL. It is not top of security but it's enough for my needs.
Thank you, I tried it and it works with Stanza, Chrome, Firefox, Epiphany ...

Originally Posted by vlad59 View Post
It's a bug in last version. The new HTML index is named index.php (I named it kobo.php before) and I forgot some rename. If needed, latest revision on GitHub should be ok.
I can wait next release, but thanks.

Originally Posted by vlad59 View Post
I still haven't finished the HTML catalog (it's a work in progress). For the download I've had to use a rewriting rule to allow download on my Kobo.
My old sony reader does not have network access so I use calibre coupled with owncloud
and use directly calibre over USB for my reader. COP is for my iPads.

Originally Posted by vlad59 View Post
If you use Apache, I hope you can translate and post it here so other people can use it.

1. Create a passwd file outside the web tree for instance

2. Edit it by entering pairs of username passwd generated by using passwd generators
available on line. For instance

3. In the directory where you installed COPS add a file named .htaccess and paste in it
the following lines

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted resources"
AuthBasicProvider file
AuthUserFile /usr/syno/apache/passwd/passwords
Order allow,deny
Require valid-user
# Uncomment next line if you want disable passwd check on local	net
#Allow from 192.168.0
Satisfy Any
4. Try to access a file and check that .htaccess cannot be downloaded (nor your password file)

5. Do not forget to redirect the access on https

... you are done

Thanks a lot

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