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Thanks for the advice GRiker. I am now having to download my books onto my iPad via the content server as you suggest. This works well but I have lost all my series information in the title of my books. Very annoying.

I have been trying to get a plugboard to work so that the series info is inserted into the title of the book but have failed. See this thread I created:

How can iPad users now get their books on the iPad with the series info in the title like before when using the 'Connect to iTunes' option in calbire? Is there a tutorial on how to do this now that sandboxing has been implemented in iTunes?

I read this article:

but have had no luck. I don't even have the 'epub' option in the drop down list under Format (choose first).

Can some guru please help people like me who are not all that savvy in IT? It would be greatly appreciated!
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