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Originally Posted by uboot View Post
I finally found time to re-check everything and re-uploaded the file.

The proper size of update.img is 314.572.800 Bytes.

And - more important - the file system of update.img somehow was corrupted, the files responsible for flashing the reader were not corrupted at last, but maybe this was the cause for the sd recovery not working... I recreated it and ran fsck on it, should be ok now.
Just downloaded. Looks correct.
Originally Posted by uboot View Post
Ok, so at least the 'corrupted' 1.04 sd recovery image did not cause corruption in practise...

I created an alternative image now, that only formats the reader partition and flashes data and system partition with images from porkupans 1.04 restore package:

sdrescue_1.04_porkupan.7z (72.332.505 Bytes)

I also did some minor modifications that hopefully fix the reboot issue.
So this one doesn't format the data and system partitions, but the first package does?
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