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Hi uboot, thanks for all your efforts in creating these software packages !

Question: Does your 1.04SD rescue or your new modified package completely revert a prs-t1 back to 100% stock ? or is there something left behind ?

I recall reading that either the Prs-t1 or the Nook Simple Touch have files that are specific to each unit.


I have restored my non-root backup at this point.
Should I try your SD Rescue 1.04 Porkupan, do another backup, and try rooting at that point ? or simply try doing rupor's AMR root again from my older backup ?

The problem is.... I have no idea if my problems were caused by:
A)Doing a factory firmware upgrade on a unit that had already been rooted and restored
B)Issues caused by the corrupt image in your previously posted SDrescue 1.04
C)Some issue related to rupor's AMR root package
D)Some problem caused by some data transfer error during installation of the one of the above.
E) Some problem caused by some combination of A,B,C,D,X
E) Evil Fairies who hate knowledge and are trying to prevent people from reading

Having dealt with computer hardware since the Coleco Adam and Sinclair SX, I am betting on evil fairies. hehe

If i knew the answer I could help ensure the problem doesn't happen for others.


I should mention that at step 1G in my list above, everything else worked fine. In fact, I didn't realize that superuser wasn't working right until i attempted to delete the battery stats file.

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