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Originally Posted by twowheels View Post

If it says not for sale, then I'd assume it stolen. Knowingly receiving stolen properly is a crime, and that often extends to cases of "you should have suspected".
As I said, I knew it was a demo unit and needed to be flashed before I bought it. It was properly represented in the auction I bought it from, as a demo unit that did not operate like a normal Kindle DX. If I could figure out how to put Duokan or Qindle on it without having access to the Kindle's interface, that would do it for me. But from what I've read, both Duokan and Qindle require access to menus on the Kindle itself, hence the reason I am looking to flash it first. I bought it strictly for viewing PDFs and personally have absolutely no intention of either reselling it as a fully functional unit, cloning the ESN or leaning on Amazon's support, or anyone here for that matter, to restore it to a fully functional, registered, Wi-Fi, 3G unit.

You know what they say about "ASSumptions", right?

These were demo models and were purchased as a lot. Once the store no longer sells items that their demo units represent, they are sent to their distribution centers, where they are in turn sold to clearing houses and are auctioned off in lots. The "Not for Sale" label is meant for the retail customer, and not to bulk purchasers of auction goods.

I'll give you another example: I have a factory original electric S-10 pickup that uses the identical drive train as the EV-1 ("Who Killed The Electric Car"). All were supposed to be shredded by GM, but 50 were used for testing and the government - survived and were sold at auction. Perfectly legal, and fully registered as a street legal vehicle.

So, I respectfully suggest you do your homework next time before accusing someone of criminal activity...
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