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Originally Posted by Le_Tigre View Post
My problem right now is:
(1) the sync will abbort when it has problems handling the pdf's - so having 1 pdf it can't sync will make it stop
Yikes! Thanks for catching this. I've pushed a commit to Github that should deal with this by displaying the error but continuing with the next PDF. Please let me know if that fixes this problem. Also, let me know if the problem handling the PDFs is in PRSAnnots, and if so, what it is.

Originally Posted by Le_Tigre View Post
(2) in my case it tended only to mark up the first 200 chars of the annotations and leave the rest unmarked...
This is a limitation of how we find the text. Your reader has a database on it that stores information on the annotations. One column of this database stores the highlighted text, but only out to 200 characters. Right now, we try to find these characters on the page and highlight them.

There are two other columns that record the beginning and end of the highlighted region in a "pdfloc" structure. For various reasons, including the one you raised, I want to use this information to set the highlighted region. But the pdfloc format is apparently undocumented, so we'll have to reverse engineer it. Others have figured some of it out, so I think it's a matter of a few hours work to figure out the rest. Here's the progress so far. If anyone out there has insights on this, please speak up.

Thanks for reporting these.
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