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Originally Posted by Emrexcem View Post
/etc/init.d/framework stop
mv /var/local/adunits /var/local/adunits.bkp
touch /var/local/adunits
/etc/init.d/framework start
Heh. So I finally figure it out, and it's not in the Wiki, so I come here to find you guys have known about it since February! :-)

I don't understand why the "touch /var/local/adunits"?

Specifically, from /etc/upstart/framework_setup.conf

env PLAIN_SCREENSAVER="screensaver"
env AD_SCREENSAVER="ad_screensaver"
env ADS_DIRECTORY="/var/local/adunits"
# If the ads directory is present, use the ad screensaver
if [ -d "$ADS_DIRECTORY" ]; then
f_blanket_load_module $SS_LOADER

In other words, if directory /var/local/adunits exists, the kindle will load the ads screensaver, otherwise, it'll be a non-ad kindle.

Does the existence of /var/local/adunits as a file stop something else creating /var/local/adunits as a directory, thereby reverting to ad-support?
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