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I am not too sure whether my problem with my PRS-650 is battery related or USB cable related. I only have 25 ebooks downloaded and rarely use my Sony. I noted that someone said to try charging the battery with a wall charger, and I may have to resort to that. I live in Australia and everything is so darn expensive here.

Up to today when I attempted to recharge using the cable, Windows would have a hissy fit telling me that my device was malfunctional, Windows did not recognise the device and also to replace the device. Today there is no response from Windows at all. I phoned the local Sony shop and the guy told me that as it was out of warranty I would probably need to buy a new one. Like others who have pondered about not being able to replace the battery themselves, the cynic inside me says that Sony would much rather sell you the newest WiFi device. So I definitely don't know what to do next.

As for usage - as already mentioned I rarely use my ereader, although I love it dearly. So I am not too sure how the battery level has dropped to two bars since I last charged it, and I haven't used it.

The [COLOR="Purple"]cold weather/hot weather[COLOR="Black"]theory is fine, but where I live it is pretty moderate, sub-tropical in fact. I NEVER leave the Sony turned on even if I know that I will be returning to it to read in half an hour.

So can anyone help me? I also noted that another contributor suggested using the USB port at the back of my PC, so I should try that. btw I have soft reset the Sony twice in the last two days - unfortunately, it has made no difference.

So in summary :

Trying to narrow down if the USB cable is faulty,
or If the battery has had it (my Sony is a bit under 2 years old).
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