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Originally Posted by twowheels View Post
Yeah, sounds like a former store display. I'd wonder if some store employee (or "customer") stole it and resold it. I've often wondered who owned those display model Kindles, Amazon or the store. If the store, they may have had the right to resale it, but I'd guess it was against their contract with Amazon.

The store displays usually have some white print on them that say "NOT FOR SALE", usually on the top to the right of the logo. Was there anything scratched off in that area?
No, I knew that it was a demo model beforehand, and it still does have the "Not for sale" writing on it. Don't know how the seller got it, but he was selling a few of them. It is in pristine condition, but only operates in demo mode.

I do think that I bricked the demo DX yesterday. Was looking for the "magic Key" and pressing just about every button. The "Q" key seemed to do something while holding the power slider, but I don't know what. Now it is locked on the "Tree" screen and doesn't do anything...

This is why I bought a second, fully functional one. Just a quick word about the second DX on it's way - it was owned by Michael Hart, the original creator of the E-Book, way back when. He was also the founder of the Gutenberg Project. He passed away earlier this year, and got it through the sale of his estate.
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