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Originally Posted by rupor View Post
Latin keyboard in the firmware on Sony PRS-T1 is not an Android one. It is a specially modified one and has some special integration with the rest of firmware. So deactivating it (albeit technically possible and relatively simple) will create unnecessary side effects. An example would be non-functioning (blowing) keyboard settings (in the settings screen). For this reason AMR does not allow you to disable or replace system keyboard application - the same as original firmware.

If you are willing to accept the consequences (not recommended) you need to physically delete Latin keyboard APK form system partition by moving it to data partition and changing its attributes using Total Commander or terminal. The rest you will have to figure out on your own

Thanks for your quick reply. I remember I was able to use other keyboard (to input Asian language that is not available in the original keyboard language choice) when I rooted my device with another minimal root package (in the wiki of mobileread). I prefer this AMR version a lot more and wanna stick to it, but having that Asian keyboard is quite a necessity for me.

The process you just described sounds a bit complicated to me. What do you mean by changing it's attributes? Can I just remove the APK file from the system to other places (like backing it up), and later paste back the file to the system if anything goes wrong? I mean, can the process be reversed? And also, where's that APK file? I try to search it in Total Commander using the word Latin but nothing comes up so far.
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