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Ereader of 9,7 inches. Onyx M92 or Excel Icarus


First of all I am sorry for starting a new thread but I promise that I have not found the information I need in the existing ones. During the last week I have spent more than twenty hours surfing on the internet in order to find the best 9,7 inch ereader. However there is not enough information so maybe you can me

Firstly I am going to say that I just want it for performing a professional use, this is reading scientific pdfs, djvus and make annotations.

At the time of choosing between Onyx-92 (black cause I think they have run out of the white ones) and Excel Icarus (I know the entire topic about the rebranding of the M92), which one would you choose? Is there any difference between them?

At first I was decided to buy Icarus, but after surfing on the internet I noticed that there is not a lot of information about it and there are some parts of its website that I did not like so I started feeling distrusted (pages that cannot be opened, lack of news etc.) so now I think I am more convinced with the M92, but for me it is a pity because Icarus is newer.

Would you recommend any another one (I do not like much kindle dx)

The place where M92 is cheapest it is directly on its website (something like 333 euros, and I guess that something like 10 for the shipping to Europe). On the ohter hand Icarus is about 350 euros in its website.

Any other recommendation??

Which one would you choose??

Thanks in advance, I do not have a lot of money and I do not want to spoil it!

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