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Correct publication dates or at least an "edition" option

Hello folks! I JUST sent this message to wikidude, but I might as well put it out on the public to see if anyone else has some words of wisdom... (thanks for reading!)

The set up: I'm very new to Calibre, downloaded it today in the AM & been messing w it all day long. I have a very large number of science textbooks (mostly PDF & DjVu) and most of them are the nth edition of the original. I need to be able to organize them in the correct chronological order (due to outdated scientific data and such)

The problem: I've been checking every option available in Calibre and in [wikidude's] plugins and I can't find a way to get the correct metadata nor an option to include the "edition" of the textbook! (very frustrating!)

The question: IS there a way to include the edition on a book's metadata? If so, is there a way to sync it from an online source? If the edition can't be included I could use the "published date" instead. HOWEVER, the dates that I'm getting back from the metadata search (even straight from the ISBN) are completely off! I'm assuming the ones I'm getting are the date for the original (1st ed.) publication (?)

The plead: Could [anyone] please shine some light on this issue. I am more than willing to put in the hard work (I was even considering looking at python code to see if I could do it myself!). I've been looking everywhere and I think I'm just missing something, an option I didn't check or a menu that needs revising... I don't know

ANY guidance would be immensely appreciated!! THANKS!!
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