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Originally Posted by jennie View Post
I routinely read books in four different languages, and half the time the ebook and dictionary languages are incorrectly matched. So, I might be interested in creating a huge multi-dictionary that will contain headwords for all languages.
Amazon improved things for readers like you on Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch so you can now set a different default dictionary for each language. Once you've downloaded at least one dictionary for a given language, you'll see that language listed in the "Dictionaries" setting screen.

The Kindle Touch 5.1 software update introduces another new behavior: if a lookup does not find a word in your selected default dictionary, it will then check in other available dictionaries for that language. So a reader with a sufficiently advanced reading level could, for instance, set a German-English bilingual dictionary as default for reading German books, but use the Duden German monolingual dictionary as a backup if the word isn't found in the bilingual. (With some of the new models, you either get non-English monolingual dictionaries bundled, or can download them from "Manage Your Kindle".)

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