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just wanted to say yay for golden allmine. I hadn't used my PE for a while, and for some reason now the eink side was always stuck on the "initializing" screen and would not bring up books or any files etc (but mostly displayed the hibernate and poweroff screens ok). tablet side was fine, but I was too lazy to figure out the eink issue (one thing that sort of correlated was that it was working fine initially when I picked up the PE, but I feel like it broke after I installed the kindle app...?)

yes, I could have done any of the available restores, but golden allmine saved me a huge amount of work (and titanium backup did the rest of course)

so, massive thanks to ktwombley and pablob and everyone else who contributed. yay!

funny thing is, after the restore I installed kindle again and it's all good, so obviously that wasn't the problem. more likely it was some combination of sleep wake battery death...?
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