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I would highly suggest updating your fw to 15.4 if you find the following new features missing currently:
+ web browsing/rss feeds(actually usable)
+ note taking while reading a book

I will clarify a littblebit on note taking. There are 3 ways of taking notes now.
1. highlighting text - similar to dictionary word selection but the selected words change background colour. Highlighted text stays highlighted when you go back to the appropriate page while reading and the note shows up in content page.
2. writing your own notes - like scribble application but on the actual text. This also stays on book page while reading and shows up in content section.
3. taking snapshots - taking an image of page. This has been also improved and allows to select an area using a rectangle. And same as other methods shows up in content which is really nice and has option for modifying the image.

New problems:
- fbreader wasn't willing to open. The way to get around it is to download graynm76-fbreader180 latest version from here: *At the time of creating the post "graynm76-fbreader180, v0.11.3 for PB60x/90x" seems to work without any problems on 302.
- pdfviewer doesn't have the new note taking capability but otherwise works just fine. On the other hand AdobeViewer has new note taking functionality but I was not able to open dictionary.

Lastly, here is my config file in case someone is interested:
Overall I would strongly suggest to update your firmware. You can get it from here: The guide on updating is a littlebit flawed the number 5 step should be:
5. Holding both Big side buttons (page Up) simultaneously, press the “On/Off” button as if you were turing the device on. IMPORTANT: both “OK” and Upper Page buttons must be released ONLY after the message «Firmware update» appears on the top of the display (after the logo appears and dissapears! - don't release buttons after the logo appears - wait untill it goes away and you see «Firmware update» words!)
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