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Originally Posted by ewandeep View Post
While trying the procedure of repartioning,

I am afraid my Sony is bricked.

I can reboot the device but It remains in the opening books screen (when the progress bar arrives to the end).

If I connect to windows, it is not recognized, neither using partition manager.

I am able to go into revery (menu+Home), but also putting in sd card the rescue recovory and rebooting into recovery, nothing happens, the reader remains in the opening books screen (when the progress bar arrives to the end).

Any help would be appreciated.
My problem seems to be very similar to yours (if you want we can talk in Italian using PM).

Anyway, I rooted with the last rupor package and this procedure works... after reboot I install also the APP2SD and after reboot all was messed up

The reader remains in the opening book screen until I press the home button and the it goes to home but without any images. The button in someways are working but not completely, that is, if I press them something happen in the home screen, but I can't call any "sub menu".

The reader can't be detected, that is, both windows and linux detect the partitions but I can't access (mount) them. This situation avoid to made a normal recovery or install the original firmware.

I try the sd-rescue (the one from uboot) but the reader remains endless with the power led blinking but I can't see any activity in the sd card.

So i'm stucked.

Does someone known a low level procedure (under linux for instance) to recreate the partitions, filesystem structure and all the rest?
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