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Originally Posted by jglerner View Post
A big success deserves a new post!

Installed the (till now) 27 available fonts on Wiki. It took a while but from A to U (Antiqua to Ubuntu) all fonts are working!

You must believe! I did!

It took a while to "Rebuild font cache" but then I "Restart(ed) framework" and voila, my Kindle has the fonts I have chosen.

It was unclear (to me) that I had to initialize each font, one by one, and then apply the "Restart framework", but the older you get, the wiser you become.

So, long story ended , Kindle is f o n t h a c k e d!

ixtab I owe you a beer!

EDIT: I forgot initially to select each font and, doing so, afterwords "Rebuilt font cache" and then "Restart framework".
I am having some trouble with this. I have 8 fonts that I wish to check out. I installed the hack okay, then one after the other selected the font, and rebuilt font cache, it took 5-10 mins and listed the 8 fonts, the last word was "succeeded", so I thought it would be okay to restart framework, but I did not just yet as the progress bar was around 80% full, so I waited a little while longer, and after 15 mins nothing changed, so I just touched the restart framework buttom.

Now when I start the font hack in the kindle it just restarts the kindle. I have now uninstalled the font hack, but still have all the folders and files on the kindle (eg, "00-Constani.conf" in the fonthack folder, and "fonts.dir" and "fonts.scale" in the name of the fonts folder).

Should I have waited a lot longer for the progress bar to fill up completely, is restart framework basically the same as restarting the kindle?
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