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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Why did you bother trying to connect with putty to diags SSH on the kindle if you were NOT able to flash the diags SSH image? You wasted our time.

Did you have the .img file in the current directory when you did the fastboot command? If not, you need to specify the full path to the .img file.

You CANNOT just say you followed all the steps in the guide, if one of those steps that you "followed" failed (such as flashing the diags ssh image). I am actually feeling rather annoyed right now, so before I say something that starts a flamewar, I will just stop right here.

EDIT: You cannot use diags SSH until AFTER you flash a diags partition that contains files needed for SSH (i.e. mmcblk0p2_ssh.img).
sorry geekmaster but i thinked that flashing mean copying files to kindle device and did it manually

i said before iam surgeon and have little ideas on software and technology cause iam always busy
i have all img in drive c
how can specify path to img in cmd window? or fastbootmode
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