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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Dont see anything suspicous in that list, the only dll i dont recognize is
RVA 00002364, 16080000 - 16099000: 'C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll'

From the adobe knowledge base:
Originally Posted by
What is Bonjour and why is it installed?When you install any edition of the Adobe Creative Suite 3 family or a Creative Suite 3 component on Windows, Bonjour for Windows is installed as a service on the machine. Bonjour is Apple's open source implementation of zero-configuration networking software. It is used by Adobe Version Cue CS3 client applications to dynamically discover Version Cue Servers on the local network.

For it to function correctly, you must allow Bonjour access to the internet through your firewall. Bonjour checks to see whether the DNS server configured on your computer supports service discovery. No data is transmitted to Adobe. Bonjour connects to no other servers than your machine's pre-configured DNS server. Bonjour also sends network packets to and receives them from a multicast IP address on the local network ( once every thirty minutes. This address is reserved for multicast traffic on a local network and such network packets never leave the local network.
I have Adobe CS3 installed. Calibre worked with it originally.
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