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Originally Posted by ivanjt View Post
I'm glad that you are happy with your EE.

A word of warning, if you do update it make sure you get the update file for the EE NOT the ones for the PE - check before downloading and check after downloading.

I have never had any problems with marking a PDF on the e-ink screen be it lines, squiggles or anything else. Can't comment on landscape mode, I've only used it once in all the time I've had my EE.

I think the answer to your second concern is along the lines of, it depends what you want to move from the LCD to e-ink. I tend to use the built in facility in the default browser to dump information from the net to e-ink.

I do know that I've not lost functions of the e-ink by upgrading to the standard Ermine for EE. We have lost the ability to take still pictures though - they are distorted green images, the video does work without problems.

I will let someone that has updated to version with the market on it comment on that as I am not interested in accessing the market so haven't tried that update.
thanks alot ivanjt for your explanation

i think i have the courage now to upgrade

i will try it tomorrow so wish me luck

thanks again for your reply
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