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Originally Posted by flobede View Post
Nevertheless, if I understand correctly, it requires to install Python and run the script through it, right?
You do need Python installed. If you're using Mac or Linux, you almost definitely already have it. On Windows, there's a relatively painless installer available.

Originally Posted by flobede View Post
I must say that I'm quite unexperienced in all this programming stuffs and I wondered to which extent it woulf be possible to insert this script in existing programs. In particular, there are two software I use to sync my documents with my PRS T1:
- Calibre (for litterature readings), where a similar plugin is available but that only works handwritten notes (see:
Since Calibre is written in Python [1], and has an extension mechanism, it would certainly be possible for PRSAnnots to function as a plugin. I'm happy to help someone do this, but I don't use Calibre, so I have no interest in doing it myself.

I recently saw the plugin you mention, and I offered my assistance in adding support for highlighting. No one has taken me up on that yet, but the offer remains open.

Originally Posted by flobede View Post
- Zotero for the research bibliography: there is a very convenient extension on it, named Zotfile ( that enables to push and pull pdfs to the eReader, but is unable to retrieve the annotations generated on the PRS-T1
My guess is that this would be much more difficult. If I understand it, Zotero runs inside of Firefox, which means plugins will need to be programmed in Javascript, not Python. Much of the heavy lifting in PRSAnnots is done by two Python libraries, so it's not a simple matter of translations. But if someone wants to try, I'll do my best to at least explain what's going on in PRSAnnots.

In short, it's certainly possible, especially for Calibre. If someone takes it on, I'll do what I can to help, but I'm not going to do it myself (at least in the near-term).

[1] Which means that you already have Python installed on your machine. But Calibre installs its own private version of Python [a], instead of installing it for everyone to share. There's a chance the PRSAnnots installer will find this Python installation and use it, but I doubt it will. There's no harm in trying, though.

[a] Or at least it does on Linux, where such behavior is frowned upon. So I'm assuming it does the same on Windows, where this behavior is par for the course. [i]

[i] Why yes I have been reading too much DFW. Why do you ask?

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