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An example would be: "Nudi e crudi" by Alan Bennett ( which is the italian translation of "The Clothes They Stood Up In" (

I would love for the book in my calibre library to have the tags from "The Clothes..." without having to link it to that edition as the correct edition is the one in the 1st link.
I was not sure if the plugin had ways to utilise the information from "original title" to find its way to the 2nd link.

However I realise it is (probably) very much outside the scope of the plugin itself.

[Edit additional comment below]
Fundamentally the shelves are much better (and richer) when dealing with english books (whether original or translations) and I would like foreign editions to benefit from such richness rather than having to rely on the limited data present in foreign editions (e.g. the only shelf that "Nudi e crudi" has is i-migliori which translates to "the better ones").

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