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Kindle (sometimes) displays bits of HTML

I’m having a weird display problem with a mobi file I’m working on: The ebook has endnotes, with the links in each endnote back to the original text. For 2 of the 16 endnotes, when I jump back to the text from the note, the first line of text on the kindle screen starts with a bit of code like this:

p height=”1em” width=”0pt”>

I searched through the original HTML file, but I couldn’t find any difference between those 2 links and any of the other ones which could account for this issue.

This happens on a regular Kindle and in the “Kindle Previewer” app for Mac but not in the Kindle apps for iOS or Mac.

Here’s a screenshot from Kindle Previewer for Mac:

The Mobi file was created by Calibre from a hand-coded HTML file.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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