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Why choose Hanlin (and rebranded devices) over other e-ink reader...
1. It has full hierachical folder structure support.
2. It uses a regular Nokia battery (BL-4C/BL-5C); Easy to find a replacement.
3. Long battery life, more than two weeks if I keep it open during the day hours and read several pages per day. I read that other readers last 40-50 hours open without turning pages, that seems short to me and indicates poor power management at least.
4. Support for PDF, TXT, RTF, WOLF, DOC, CHM, FB2, HTML, DJVU, MP3, TIFF, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, RAR, ZIP.... more coming. Personally, I convert most to FB2, by the way. There are rumours that it'd support MOBI soon.
5. It's open, unlike the Sony readers or Kindle.
6. Most important: regular software updates and very active community.

For EU citizens, there is the possibility to get the lbook v3 reader from (300 euros about with shipment ~ 240), you don't have to worry about customs. It comes with leather cover, 1GiB SD card, SD card USB reader etc
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