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Originally Posted by somkk View Post
Hi All,

Alas, Unlike Portia, I haven't been able to get custom screensavers onto Kindle 5.1.

Inspite of removing, re-installing Yifan Lu's jail break & custom screensaver, I still haven't gotten custom screensavers.

The last displayed image is still shown during sleep mode.

Any insights anyone ?
Did anybody manage to get custom screensaver working ?
(Custom not simple screensaver mod!!!)
As far as I've seen, Yifan Lu's "custom screensaver" hack does not work after the 5.1 update, and at this point there is no way to get it to work. That's what the wiki page says and I haven't seen anything to the contrary. Instead, you have to use his "simple screensaver" hack, which is also linked to on the wiki page.

The "simple" version has strict naming and format requirements, but it works and you should still be able to get most of the images you like. (I just renamed and resized any of mine that did not fit the requirements.) But he's right, if even one of the images does not meet the image type, size, and naming requirements (set out in the READ ME with the hack), it will keep it from working.

You will probably need to go back and uninstall the custom screeensaver hack (if you had it before the update), and the jailbreak, then reinstall the jailbreak and then install the simple screensaver package.

Using the simple screensaver hack, I finally figured out that part of my problem was that I followed Yifan Lu's image naming instructions too literally and included the .png extension in the name. That is, I named the image "bg_xsmall_ss00.png" (with the progressive numbering from 00). I realized after I got the standard screensavers back (in the screensaver folder installed by the simple hack) that you don't need the .png because they are already all identified as png files. It finally worked after I deleted the .png extension from the image names on my custom images and redeposited them in the KT USB root drive "screensaver" folder.

Also, after you add or rename the custom images in the screensaver folder, you need to disconnect the Kindle from the USB drive and restart it before it will show the custom screensaver images. It should hopefully work after the restart.

I'm guessing these are some of the really basic things that the developers here assume everyone knows, but that's giving me waaaay too much credit.

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