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[qmast2002 -- Welcome!!
Are you making sure your file doesn't have a ending (which Windows sometimes puts on for you)? Good luck! I think you can do it!! [/QUOTE]

Filark, GunnerP245, ivanjt - it worked - it worked ! ! ! ! I tried and tried again and what do you know ? It worked ! ! I didn't do much different - except make sure the update was indeed in the root of my stick (4gb Kingston) and sure enough - it worked ! ! I'm terribly sorry for the pessimistic attitude I displayed here on the site and I'll do much better at keeping it positive from here on out.....

Sooo, after the update my PE says the following:
Modelnumber :edgejr
Firmware version : 1.6
Kernel version: 2.6.29 buildmaster@zeke #17 build number DINGO-1.13

So, my NEXT step will be to learn all I can BEFORE trying the and the allmine update.....Thanks again for the awesome help from all of you on this forum and I am completely stoked to have the PE back and running again ! ! !

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