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Reader for Japanese (epub3 ?)

I'm in need of an ebook reader which can display Japanese along with furigana/ruby. From what I've found out it's always possible and autonomous from the ebook reader to just create a pdf which has furigana as well as vertical formating.
But I'd like to be independent of pdf. However if I'm right epub 2 doesn't support furigana or writing from top-to-bottom. So only epub 3 would be possible. This entails the question if any of the ebook readers is able to read epub 3 or will be in the future.

Aside from the ability of displaying Japanese I found Sony PRS-T1, Pocketbook Touch 622 and the Kobo to be quite nice. The first two ones have Linux and I'd assume that it's possible to root them somehow and maybe add the support by oneself. Though I don't know if anyone has done this before and for which device the community is the biggest. And can I expect Rakuten to add this feature to the Kobo?

Another nice thing to have would be Japanese dictionaries. Any devices have one of those? And what about additional applications like Anki(droid)?
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