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Originally Posted by ivanjt View Post
qmast2002, a couple of questions.

First, what update are you trying to use?

Second, are you sure the you have a good download of the file and if you are using pablob rc3 file have you unzipped it and read the instructions inside?

Well, I truly appreciate all of the well wishes from others on this forum. It makes me want to give it a few more tries. I think I'll start by going to a store and buying a few USB sticks starting at 256MB on up and getting a few different brands to really give it a good shot....In terms of answering the above questions:

I've tried the dustyfeet updates, the GoldenAllmine update, the p.e. original updates, really - I've tried a few different ones....
In terms of "what update are you trying to use?" - that brings up a very good question I've been wanting to ask....

What steps or updates should one follow when trying to have access to the apps market? For example, in my case.....I have a DINGO-1.8 system (something that I've not seen others with on this forum so it makes me wonder if I have a weird system), Firmware version of 1.6, Kernel version of 2.6.29 witha buildmaster@zeke #4....What should be the first step I should take ? Should I update from Dingo to *-----* - or downgrade from DINGO to *-----*, and then update from that to *-----*, etc......

I'm trying my best to follow -what to update to-when your system is such and such.....I was under the impression that whatever system you're on (DINGO 1.6, DINGO 1.8, etc.)- you can just do an update (allmine, ermine, etc.) and your PE would then be switched over to it. Something tells me I'm not understanding it all correctly...
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