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I have been handwriting on the iPad a while now. I have been using the Adonit Jot stylus and love it. Te clear capacitive disk makes it very easy to see where you are writing/sketching. I noted the announcement about the new pressure sensitive stylus being worked on, but have no real need for that, I am in no way artistic and having that as a features doesn't interest me.

I use either Note Taker HD or Notability apps. Lately I have been unsung notability almost exclusively. I like the fact it automatically syncs notes to dropbox, so I can access my notes from any of my devices, mac, iPhone, iPad...

I also was looking at this stylus with interest - - The Cregle iPen, not capacitive, but uses a separate dongle to trace the pens location. Not sur show well it would work with a case, but almost interested enough to spend th money to find out

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