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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
No, p2 is diags. I just looked. Dasmoover told me a long time ago he was going to put up compressed images. I do not see a compressed p1. All of the K4 images he put up are compressed, so he did not replace the uncompressed K5 images. Bummer. It would save him some bandwidth to compress them.

Unless somebody puts up a compressed p1, you will have to figure out how to download the same image you did, but successfully. If you find a compressed image, you have to extract the image before flashing it.

You COULD try using wget to download the file. Either from linux, or get a mingw/msys wget for windows, or use a cygwin shell wget.
List of image files now contain a compressed p1 of my backup right after I upgraded dasmoover's KT 5.0.0 mmcblk0p1 image , to 5.1.0 using amazon's update. There are no modifications after the update. And I have tested this on two occasions when my KT got bricked ... which I could successfully unbrick , thanks to geekmaster ...

Maybe you could add this to the pastebin, geekmaster

It's about 146 MB in size...

As always, kudos to the original first post !

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