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Originally Posted by glasss View Post
Hi everyone, just a quick question with reguards to bookmarking. Is it possible to have 2 separate bookmarks in the same book at one time? I'm using a Kobo Touch. Thanks in advance
You can dogear as many pages in an epub as you want (touch in upper right corner) or even make empty annotations on given quoted sections of text (just single words to make it as quick as possible), and then see these all in the annotations page (and they are even called bookmarks), but they are a poor excuse for bookmarks as people area used to using them.

In particular, what is needed is a temporary bookmark which you can exchange for the current page back and forth until it is cancelled. This is one of the main simple ways people use bookmarks while reading a complex text.

The bookmarks as a whole should be in an editable structure where the bookmarks are tagged and can be displayed in a tree structure not a list (just the like books, of course).
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