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Problem with creating MOBI from HTML, OPF & NCX using Kindle Previewer

Recently I wanted to create an ebook to read on my Kindle Touch. I didn't want to use any program, I wanted to immerse myself into the thing and go with raw HTML, OPF and NCX. I started with reading OPF and NCX specifications, Kindle Publishing guidelines and with downloading Amazon's sample files.

What I'm showing here is a simplified case consisting of a "book" consisting of two poems of a Polish poet. It's here just to illustrate my problem.

The problem is that when I convert my three files (HTML, OPF and NCX) to MOBI using Kindle Previewer it works flawlessly, but only on Kindle Previewer. If I try to copy the new MOBI file to the /documents folder on my Kindle Touch and read it there all I get is an error message. The worst thing is that I have no idea what I'm doing wrong - it works perfectly on my computer but it desn't on the Kindle. If I send the file on my Amazon email adress it works all right too.

All the files I use are in my Google Drive folder below:

I hope I will find help here. It's bugging me all the time.
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