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Woolf, Virginia: Complete Works | v.11.0 | Update 5 Feb 2017

This volume collects the complete writings of Virginia Woolf (wikipedia): 8 novels, 3 ‘biographies,’ 46 short stories, 606 essays, 1 play, her diary and the letters.

Click image for larger version

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The Voyage Out (1915)
Night and Day (1919)
Jacob’s Room (1922)
Mrs. Dalloway (1925)
To the Lighthouse (1927)
The Waves (1931)
The Years (1937)
Between the Acts (1941)

Orlando: a biography (1928)
Flush: a biography (1933)
Roger Fry: a biography (1940)

Two Stories (1917)
Kew Gardens (1919)
Monday or Tuesday (1921)
A Haunted House, and other short stories (1944)
Nurse Lugton’s Golden Thimble (1966)
Mrs Dalloway’s Party (1973)
The Complete Shorter Fiction (1985)

Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown (1924)
The Common Reader I (1925)
A Room of One’s Own (1929)
On Being Ill (1930)
The London Scene (1931)
A Letter to a Young Poet (1932)
The Common Reader II (1932)
Walter Sickert: a conversation (1934)
Three Guineas (1938)
Reviewing (1939)
The Death of the Moth, and other essays (1942)
The Moment, and other essays (1947)
The Captain’s Death Bed, and other essays (1950)
Granite and Rainbow (1958)
Books and Portraits (1978)
Women And Writing (1979)
383 Essays from newspapers and magazines (see update v.3.0)

A Writer’s Diary (1953)
Moments of Being (1976)
The Diary Vols. 1–5 (1977-84) (see updates v.4.0, v.5.0, and v.6.0)
The Letters Vols. 1–6 (1975-80) (see update v.7.0, v.8.0, v.9.0, and v.10.0)
The Letters of V.W. and Lytton Strachey (1956) (see update v.8.0)
A Passionate Apprentice. The Early Journals 1887-1909 (1990) (see update v.10.0)

Freshwater: A Comedy (both versions) (1976)

I have thoroughly checked and corrected the formatting, comparing them to print editions wherever available (see update v.6.1 and v7.0). Special classes have been assigned to poems, quotes, subtitles, section breaks, etc. All of the missing Greek words and, if necessary, the italics have been put back in and footnotes have been made active. Fonts are embedded for small caps and the greek letters. Also, I have scanned the illustrations for the three ‘biographies’ (because biographies need pictures, right?), that were missing in the online editions of the books.

I have noted dates of first publication for almost all of the texts. In the cases of novels and stories, these are the publication dates of the books. The essays, however, have quite often been published in newspapers and journals before, so I did some research in my local state library and have noted the names of the journals and the publication dates. If anyone needs an overview for academic or other reasons, send me a PM and I can send you an Excel table with the info.

I have sorted the texts chronologically in the order of book publication, to separate the books published in Virginia Woolf’s lifetime from the posthumous ones. As these books often collected writings from different years, I have also made 4 indexes with alphabetical and chronological lists of stories and essays, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find whatever you’re looking for.

To make navigation easy, there’s a main table of contents at the beginning bringing you to all the books, who have their own contents tables. Also, there are links after each text/chapter to get back to the respective tables. “Mrs Dalloway,” “The Waves,” and “Between the Acts” don’t have chapter but only section breaks, which are indicated in the contents tables.

‘Complete,’ of course, is never complete. There is still one story missing, “A Dialogue upon Mount Pentelicus” (see update v.2.0), which I hope to enter into the volume soon. Regarding the essays, only the book collections published before 1987 are available (see update v.3.0), and there are no letters or diaries (except for the excerpts in “A Writer’s Diary”)(see updates v.4.0–v.7.0). It’s possible that I will scan these in the future, but don’t hold your breath.

For those who don’t want to read all the remarks for the updated versions below: all the texts have either been proofed against the latest Hogarth Press editions authorised by Virginia Woolf herself, or have been proofread. Variants of alternative editions and page numbers are hidden in the code and appear in the text if “display: none ;” is deleted for the <ins> and <del> elements in the stylesheet. Introductory texts from the dust jacket flaps are collected at the end of the epub.

As this was a lot of work, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a short message, should you find any mistakes.


Update | v.1.1 | 29 May 2012
Fixed the Flush footnote links.

Update | v.2.0 | 3 February 2013
Added the last missing story “A Dialogue upon Mount Pentelicus”, corrected hundreds of mistakes in “Roger Fry” and improved its formatting, and changed the cover.

Update | v.3.0 | 6 March 2013
I have scanned and corrected all of the 383 essays that were published in magazines and newspapers but not contained in the previous essay collections, and added them to this edition. I also fixed many OCR mistakes in some of the books and replaced the font files because of a misbehaving smallcap font.

Update | v.4.0 | 29 March 2013
I have added the first two volumes of Virginia Woolf’s diaries which I scanned and corrected myself. They cover the years 1915-1924.

Update | v.5.0 | 21 April 2013
I have added Volumes 3 and 4 of Virginia Woolf’s diaries, covering the years 1925-1935.

Update | v.6.0 | 21 May 2013
I have added the fifth and final volume of Virginia Woolf’s diaries, covering the years 1936-1941. Additionally, I have exchanged all 33 covers (for the single books and the collection).

Update | v.6.1 | 2 Nov 2013
Checked and corrected the formatting and italics of 13 books that I couldn’t access earlier, repositioned the illustrations in Flush and Orlando, included illustrations for Three Guineas, the footnotes of Granite and Rainbow, and a missing section of the essay “The Lives of the Obscure”, and corrected a bunch of scanning mistakes in Between the Acts and A Room of One’s Own.

Update | v.7.0 | 2 Feb 2014
I have added two volumes of her letters: A Change of Perspective [Vol. III: 1923-1928] and A Reflection of the Other Person [Vol. IV: 1929-1931]. I also checked and corrected the formatting and italics of 4 more books and added the text passages in Moments of Being which were discovered later and published in the second edition.

Update | v.8.0 | 12 Apr 2014
I have added the fifth volume of her letters, The Sickle Side of the Moon, covering the years 1932 through 1935. I also included The Letters of Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey (Hogarth Press, 1956) for which I sincerely thank yourdayismyday who transcribed them.

Update | v.8.1 | 17 Aug 2014
Proofed Monday or Tuesday, Jacob’s Room, A Haunted House and Other Short Stories, and To the Lighthouse against copies of early print editions and corrected hundreds of mistakes (punctuation and spelling, mostly, but also some missing words and lines).

Update | v.8.2 | 14 Sep 2014
Proofed Mrs Dalloway, The Common Reader I, On Being Ill, Between the Acts, The Moment and Other Essays, Granite and Rainbow, and Women and Writing against copies of early print editions and corrected hundreds of mistakes and variants.

Update | v.9.0 | 26 Oct 2014
I have added the sixth volume of her letters, Leave the Letters Till We’re Dead, covering the years 1936 through 1941, and proofread the 173 essays and reviews she published between 1919 and 1940. There’s also an index now of the authors whose books she reviewed.

Update | v.9.1 | 25 Jan 2015
Proofed The Waves, Flush, The Death of the Moth, and The Captain’s Death Bed against copies of Hogarth Press print editions and corrected about 800 mistakes and variants.

Update | v.9.2 | 10 Jan 2016
Proofed The Voyage Out, Night and Day, Orlando, A Room of One’s Own, The London Scene, The Years, Three Guineas, Freshwater, and The Complete Shorter Fiction against Hogarth Press editions, mostly, and corrected abougt 2600 mistakes and variants.

Update | v.10.0 | 14 Feb 2016
I have added the first two volumes of her letters, The Flight of the Mind and The Question of Things Happening, covering the years 1888 through 1922, and A Passionate Apprentice with the early journals 1887–1909. 31 additional letters which surfaced later in magazines have also been added.

Update | v.11.0 | 5 Feb 2017
I have revised the order of the texts, proofed Books and Portraits, A Writer’s Diary, Moments of Being, Roger Fry, The Common Reader II, and The Letters with Lytton Strachey against early English editions, made sure the texts of Mrs. Dalloway, A Room of One’s Own, and Flush follow the latest editions authorised by Virginia Woolf, documented variants of alternative Hogarth editions, added the new letters in Congenial Spirits and the incomplete stories from The Complete Shorter Fiction, replaced a wrong essay, included page numbers for almost all books, and transcribed the intros from the dust jacket flaps.

Previous download count: 6359.
This work is assumed to be in the Life+70 public domain OR the copyright holder has given specific permission for distribution. Copyright laws differ throughout the world, and it may still be under copyright in some countries. Before downloading, please check your country's copyright laws. If the book is under copyright in your country, do not download or redistribute this work.

To report a copyright violation you can contact us here.
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