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Good morning All ! ! I'm beyond excited to have found this forum and after reading through page after page after page - I MIGHT have a new one for all the techies and Experts that have helped salvage the PE for others in the's the deal....I have a PE that has the following settings (pay particular note to the Build Number)

Model number: edgejr
Firmware Version: 1.6
Kernel Version: 2.6.29 / buildmaster@zeke#4
Build number: DINGO-1.8

Soooooo - what appears to be different with my PE (that I've tried updating on multiple occasions using USB sticks AND SD Cards of different memory capacity) is that is shows DINGO-1.8

Here's the thing.....I'm not the most tech savvy person and I'm guilty of asking all the wrong questions, so, with that in mind.....Can someone help answer a) Why my DINGO version is 1.8 and does that keep me from updating my PE ? ? And b) how to update a DINGO 1.8 version ? ? I've tried all other update options to no avail....

I'm assuming that because my prior updates have failed, it must be because I have a buildnumber that is definitely different from other build numbers referenced on this site.....Can anyone lead me to a fix ?

I've tried updating with the following SD Cards (256 mb, 1.0 gb, 2.0 gb), and I've tried using the following USB sticks (1 gb, 2gb, 4gb) all to no avail....
I have indeed made sure the file was renamed AND loaded onto ROOT of the sticks/cards still to no avail.

Like others, after trying (and failing) - I do get a new LOST.dir added to the stick/card...Can anyone point me in the right direction OR are there any moderators (or members) that I can ship my PE TO and for a nice rounded sum of money and have that saviour "update" my PE and ship it back to me ? I'll pay for their time, work, and return shipping ! ! ! I offer this because I'm hoping THAT saviour will agree to a "dollar amount" that is less than me buying a new Galaxy tablet or iPad or similar device that still has a company behind it (plus -with a job market like we have in the U.S., it might help supplement a person's income or help them develop an income if its not already there for them)....I'm not sure if this has been suggested and I truly hope no one takes offense to me offering - I'm just trying to use a device and maybe help out the person (financially) that will HELP me use this device....

Thanks for reading and sorry to those offended by me suggesting to pay for this service ! ! ! Have a good weekend and an awesome holiday everyone ! ! !
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