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I tried to save the Kindle, but without success.
Ubuntu, Win XP, Win 7, different computers - same result.

Now the only thing I want to try is to restore a "YOUR KINDLE NEEDS REPAIR" screen. I found a way to replace the Kindle (a friend traveling in the U.S.)

How do I restore the original "Repair" screen?

Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post

Thomas Edison was a great inventor, and his approach involved finding a solution only after many (sometimes hundreds) of failures. That persistence and tenacity is a halmark of all great inventors. Do not even think about "giving up" on your kindle.
@geekmaster -

many thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. Unfortunately, I see that I have to give up. Your review of Edison's work is also inspiring.
I must warn you - try to compare Edison vs. Nikola Tesla.

Tesla - the ultimate geek. (He was born in my country)
so - this is for you geekmaster!

Nikola Tesla - greatest geek who ever lived.
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