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I have a Kindle Touch and jailbroke it about 2 weeks ago. It was version 5.0.4 then. A couple days ago I got the warning about turning my WiFi on to update the ads and so I did, and also left it plugged into a charger because the battery was low. A couple hours later I had the "needs service" warning. I'm assuming it attempted to do the update to 5.1.0 and didn't like my modifications, which is only custom fonts. My question is, do I work to recover my KT like it made it to 5.1.0 or recover it as 5.0.4? From what I've read it appears to greatly matter.

edit: Ummmm, this is weird. My Kindle's working fine. I got home late last night so my patience was very little. I couldn't get the device into safeboot doing the magic key thing so really didn't make it too far as I gave up at this point. I've plugged the device into my computer before and it didn't do anything but just now it booted up and everything seems fine.... I have the little document saying my device has been updated and what all the new features are. Thanks... I guess? lol.

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