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Charging Issue, Please Help!

I am extremely frustrated right now, please help!

I bought a Kobo Vox about a month ago. I did a metric crapton of market research, and really felt like this was the best ereader on the market. I've been reading a lot of books on it, both through the Kobo market and through Amazon/indie publishers.

Yesterday, it randomly stopped charging, or would only charge at random intervals. Today, it's just been dead. And sometimes the charge will simply drop while it's plugged into the wall socket - at least, the little orange light will go off, and I'll have to unplug the cord and plug it back in to get the light to come back on. But it doesn't look like it's accepting any sort of charge right now. The orange light has been off and on for the past hour, and I can't even get the unit to turn on. I am using the Kobo-provided wall charger.

I tried a hard reset - nothing. I checked the firmware through the app, and the app said my firmware has been fully updated. I snapped off the back plate and tried the manual reset, and that looked like it might have done something - the battery indication showed 20% charge. I cheered, and plugged it back in to get a full charge. But when I went back to check on it later, it was completely out of power. This is the point where I was ready to try the factory reset, but apparently my Kobo had lost so much power that it couldn't even muster up enough battery power to make that happen.

If it's just completely out of power and isn't capable of doing a factory reset, is there nothing left to do but try to return it? I suspect the answer is yes, but I'm hoping there's some answer I haven't yet thought of.
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