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new pocket edge

Hi, guada_sp.

I'm from Brasil, and here we have a store selling new pocket edge's.
I don't know if we can post a link to a store in this forum, but I can send you the link, if you want.
It's quite affordable, but I don't know if they ship to your country.
I've bought my second there, a few months ago - and the first is still working, after 18 months of daily use... I certainly don't think I can do without my edge...

I wanted so much an EE... but the only place - store - I find one, in Europe, don't ship to Brasil...

And I just upgraded both to Allmine... fantastic, till now! No problems at all!
The only problem I'm having is that the new one keeps asking me to register... and I don't know how to do it, now. (The first one I bought when Entourage was still online, so it is registered)

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