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Hi theducks, thank you very much for your answer.

Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Embedded fonts can be cool (if used appropriately and sparingly ).
Not all readers support font embedding. Does that mean that all books should not use them?
Yes you are right, lets hope the future generation of readers will support more fonts.

Originally Posted by theducks View Post
YOU can choose to remove the font files (in Fonts) which would simply leave a technically, 'broken' EPUB.
Removing the @font declarations from styles (AND the named font, from the font-family: (priority) list in the styles section or CSS should take care of the rest.
I tried what you were explaining here but it doesn't worked. Maybe I didn't remove all the things I should have.
Buy the way some of the ebooks don't have font files and other don't have any font-familly anywhere on the CSS.

Originally Posted by theducks View Post
BTW The Calibre: Modify EPUB plugin will do this if you use Calibre.
I already tried with this plugin before but it doesn't change anything.

The only way I find to remove embedded fonts at the moment is to do a epub > epub conversion.

If you have a little of time one day I will be so happy if you could tell what is making that it is impossible to change the font on a ebook. I mean what is the formula, phrase? Maybe than I could find it on the CSS. Because I suppose one thing is to say I want the book use X font and an other thing is to say I want the book use ONLY the X fonts. I don't know if I'm clear with my poor english!
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