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Originally Posted by repods View Post
it is not stupid at all .. very interesting instead..
so the concerns about sleep disturbances M92 related may have some basis
what would be interesting would be to know which part of the M92 exactly trigger this alarm.
the M92 is very simple to disassemble and reassemble and if you can use a screwdriver you could try.
Maybe is the battery or the speaker..
There are some technologies for these alarms: RF and magnetic. I think it's more likely the first method.

A technical description of different systems can be found here: (page 4 onwards)

Normally the triggering part is a resonator (coil or coil+capacitor) in the 8 MHz range that is part of the circuit electronics and thus, cannot be removed/changed. I don't think it will be easy to diagnose without knowing device electronics schematics and alarm specifications.

Maybe a metal case container is a valid workaround....checking to wrap it with 2-3 turns of aluminum foil can be useful as a PoC to determine this before purchasing one.

One of these days I will carry mine on walk to see if I suffer the same issue.

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