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Moving 'sub'-library into Portable


Sorry if this is a duplicate, I've tried to search the forums but haven't found any.

I'm just starting using Calibre and have both the stationary as well as Portable versions. The aim is to only use the Portable though.

Unfortunately, this has led to some problems for me.

I had my full version of my library on the stationary PC as a backup, I then started to create sub-libraries through Portable, to divide my Library into smaller logical libraries, using the switch/create libraries button. I moved out eg all comics into it's own library, .doc files to it's own etc. I then moved the Portable (wich is located on an external USB harddrive) to my laptop to continue sortin over the weekend.

All of a sudden I realised I was lacking the libraries created earlier, was created in a library on the stationary instead of on the USB-drive.

Now to the question, how do I move these libraries into the USB-library? I wouldn't just be able to copy that folder onto the drive, 'cause that wouldn't update the metadata I assume?

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