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the OP asked for a 9 foot reader, not a 9 inch one.
On the off-chance that this was a typo (since he appears to be a French speaker)
Indeed, I'm looking for a 9 foot reader (size comparable to Kindle DX for example). Simple curiosity, but how does my french appear so clearly? By speaking that's understandable, but I thought it would not be like a rabbit in a shooting gallery by writing

Link with the debate around the tablet vs. the e-reader with the idea that
On the tablet-is-bad-for-eyes subject, people stubbornly repeat what they themselves have read somewhere, but I haven't seen any conclusive proof.
I've to admit that I haven't heard nor read any conclusive proof or evidence. But I haven't also really looked for it. However, I strongly believe that this has an impact on eyes. I'm currently taking a medicine and one of its side-effect is having the eyes drier. After a day studying and writing on my computer (which has a "bright and reflective screen" such as tablets) I feel that my eyes are really tired even if I am working with light and a low luminosity on my computer. Compared with my previous computer which had a matt screen I definitely feel the difference. So for this reason I believe it is exactly the same with tablet with bright screen.

For the moment I am more up for the "Ectaco Jetbook Color", which has the advantage of having colors, but I'm still waiting as I'm not fully convinced about it.
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