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Originally Posted by CJY View Post
Of course I shall wait for the shop to reply, but for the above reasons, I would be most interested in knowing what the outcome of this issue was in the end, as I might soon face the same choice as the op: i.e. pay out (possibly for only another four months of use), or simply forget about my reader and money.
(Maybe I should have started a new topic, but again, I am very interested to know what the outcome of this issue was!)
I guess you are not from the EU either. If that is the case, I am afraid that you have not much of a choice.
I had to pay shipment to and a new screen (150). The didn`t charge me for repair cost and shipment back to me. It was only their good will, they could of charge me for that also.
I have the device back and use it with extreme gentleness.
Apparently, there seems to be more cases like mine. I got also a private massage from a user with the same problem. I don`t know the outcome or any details about that.
If there are more cases like that, it would be good to make them public. It would help people to decide whether to buy or not to buy M92. From my experience, it is worth buying (from EU) if you are from the EU because you have some protection in that case. Otherwise, you are risking a lot of money. I don`t know the situation in US, Australia or other places.
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