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Originally Posted by janek View Post
I just wanted to let everyone know about one weird side effect of carrying m92 around. My faculty library is equipped with one of those supermarket style anti-shoplifiting systems which sound an alarm whenever a book is taken out without first being "disarmed". Now it turns out m92 triggers this alarm - I carried it in a notebook bag, it was off... And the effect is persistent, regardless of position of the device relative to system's gate.

This may sound stupid and all, but I don't really like attracting everyone's attention whenever I enter the library (let alone being strip-searched on every such occasion - some librarians are young and female but some quite the opposite ). And this is not going to be funny at all in a supermarket with real security.
it is not stupid at all .. very interesting instead..
so the concerns about sleep disturbances M92 related may have some basis
what would be interesting would be to know which part of the M92 exactly trigger this alarm.
the M92 is very simple to disassemble and reassemble and if you can use a screwdriver you could try.
Maybe is the battery or the speaker..
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