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Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
The easiest way to get your epubs to Bluefire or iBooks is by emailing them to yourself and tapping on "Open in..." on the attachment.

Another option (if you think you'll be doing this regularly), if you have Dropbox, install the Dropbox app on your iPad and link it to your Dropbox account. After that, you can just copy the ebooks to your Dropbox folder, open the Dropbox app on the iPad, browse to the ebook and tap on "Open in...". If you have other epub readers installed on your iPad, those should show up in the "Open in..." dialog. If you star/favorite the book in Dropbox, it'll make it available offline so say you only open it in iBooks right now, you open the book in Bluefire later even if you don't have internet connection. I use this method to get ebooks to iBooks, Stanza, MegaReader, Bluefire, Kobo, etc.
Originally Posted by apalix View Post
Install dropbox on your PC and iPad. Log in on your iPad and your computer
Open iTunes; click on your books, and highlight everything that you want to put in Bluefire Reader.

Drag all your books to the dropbox on the computer. Open dropbox on your iPad and click on each (I don't think you can select more than one at a time.)

You will get an error "This file tpe can't be viewed", etc. Don't worry about that. Just touch the arrow on the top right hand corner of the iPad app and it will ask where you want to put the file. Choose Bluefire Reader and voila! It's there.

Much better interface, I think.
The above 2 posts honestly provide the most seamless method of transferring your books from your PC to whichever ereader App you desire. I have used this method for the past 2 years, and find it the most simple and direct way.

This help page on the DropBox website will answer all your questions, and show you how easy its use is. You can also use Dropbox to transfer pictures, any documents, etc, to the relevant Apps on the iPad:

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