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Hi AThirstyMind

Well, I think that's what I was trying to do! But I just Googled: bookmarking HTML, and found what I may have been doing wrong. When I should have coded:

<a name="figure517"> </a>

...I actually coded:

<a name="figure517">

I've now added the </a> and it works. But I still haven't been able to get it to go straight to an image; I need that extra label line I've shown above, just before the image, which I jump to using:

<p><a href="#figure517"> click here for fig5.17 </a></p>

. If instead I was wanting to jump to:

<p class="center"><img src="fig517.gif" alt="fig517"></p>

, then the following actually jumps a long way earlier than that, to near or at the start of the file:

<p><a href="#fig517"> click here for fig5.17 </a></p>


Aha! It works if I add the name parameter in with the other two image parameters separately:

<p class="center"><img src="fig518.gif" alt="fig518" name="figure518"></p>
...if successfully found by:

<p><a href="#figure518"> click here for fig5.18 </a></p>

Anyway, thanks for encouraging me to have another go!



Going back to the possibility of converting the Contents list to a list of illustrations, my Contents starts:

<p class="contents"><a href="#Flyleaf/Back cover">Flyleaf/Back cover</a></p>
<p class="contents"><a href="#Preface">Preface</a></p>
<p class="contents"><a href="#Introduction">1 Introduction </a></p>


It looks like I'm allowed to change the 'Contents' to 'List of Images' , and then just put the image names and labels in. I just hope that won't mess things up if and when I produce an epub file instead of a mobi. ??
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